MARGELISCH – A Company With an Inspirational Story

MARGELISCH – A Company With an Inspirational Story

One of my favourite aspects of blogging is discovering incredible companies and learning about what inspired their creators. I have been touched by the stories of individuals who have dedicated themselves to creating businesses that care for our people and our planet. Individuals who are leading the fashion revolution: creating sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical brands in style. And MARGELISCH is certainly no exception.

Reinhard Mergelisch, founder of MARGELISCH, originally had a successful career as an investment broker. However, his career path changed dramatically after he was hit by a car and left unable to work for six months. During this time off, Reinhard realised that he wanted to build his own company. A company where he could work creatively and provide economic, ecological and social benefits for all involved. A company which uses sustainable materials, provides good working conditions and deals fairly with all employees.

It’s fair to say he has achieved all of this and more! Today, the MARGELISCH collection includes over 90 bags designed for the ‘urban society’ – one that demands quality, unique products made sustainably. Every detail of every bag has been thought through to ensure they are sustainable and produce little waste. The bags’ inner lining is organic cotton, which is grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or insecticides – this means less water pollution, more support for biodiversity and fewer health risks for farmers (check out my previous blog post for more info about the benefits of organic cotton!). The inside pockets of the bags are made from 100% recycled cotton. The smallest pieces of scrap material are used to create tiny detailing on the pockets to reduce waste. Even the straps of the backpacks are mostly created from disused or rejected seat belts – how genius is that!

And the benefits don’t stop there. The production of Margelisch bags is FairTraide certified, so all employees are paid fairly and given good social and environmental conditions. Even the factory itself is part of FairTrade Forum India, which ensures jobs are granted without discrimination, the workplace is safe, and that children are not involved in the production process. So when we buy a Margelisch bag, we support a company that cares for the wellbeing of its employees and the environment.

If all that hasn’t won you over, just take a look at their website and browse the gorgeous collections of bags.

I have been touched and inspired by Reinhard Margelisch’s story. It is amazing that after a life changing event, he changed his entire career path and dedicated himself to following his passion. I hope his story has inspired you too and gives you the drive to pursue your dreams!

Reinhard with his employees in India!


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