REALM + WILD – Jewellery with a Conscious Spirit

REALM + WILD – Jewellery with a Conscious Spirit

A few months ago whilst scrolling through the many pages of Instagram, I stumbled across REALM + WILD – a new company with a big heart, a dedication to wildlife conservation and a range of beautiful jewellery. So, naturally, I fell in love with them! I was desperate to find out more, so I got in touch with the lovely people over at REALM + WILD and asked them a few questions.

The founder of REALM + WILD is a business consultant in the fashion industry. After witnessing many wasteful, damaging production practices, she became disenchanted with ‘fast fashion’. It was this which sparked her desire to create a company with strong social and environmental values. After learning about her background I was reminded of a famous quote by Ghandi, ‘be the change that you wish to see in the world’. REALM + WILD is quite literally just that. It is a product of an upsetting realisation and an individual’s determination to make a positive change.

REALM + WILD use suppliers with green initiatives and transparent supply chains. This ensures that we, the consumers, don’t just receive a pretty-end product (and they are really pretty) with no idea about the production process. By selecting transparent suppliers, REALM + WILD can ensure they meet rigorous environmental standards, such as preventing water pollution during production. This alone is a huge benefit to fresh water and marine ecosystems, as our waterways remain clean and continue to support a variety of wildife (hooray!).

Currently, REALM + WILD use recycled sterling silver and gold to produce their jewellery. In the future, they hope to include stones which are ethically sourced from mines across the world. Though mining does has negative environmental impacts, REALM + WILD aim to use stones which can be recycled and are therefore more sustainable. And when you receive your jewellery, all the packaging is made from recycled or biodegradable materials – how brilliant is that?! Every aspect of the production line has been thought through so when we purchase a REALM + WILD product, we know we’re not harming the environment in any way.

And there’s more! If you’re not already convinced by how great REALM + WILD are, every year they donate half of their annual profits to organisations and individuals who support wildlife conservation. For them, profit is secondary. Their priority is to support our natural world, use ethical and conscious supply chains and create awareness about the fashion industry.

All in all, these little pieces of jewellery have the power to have a pretty big impact on our planet – they regulate water pollution, they’re made from recycled materials and they actively help wildlife conservation. So really, you have every excuse to buy more jewellery from REALM + WILD, I mean, it’s practically essential for the environment (right?).




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