A Royal Introduction to Climate Change

A Royal Introduction to Climate Change

Last year at the COP21 United Nations Conference for Climate Change, Prince Charles discussed the unavoidable threats of climate change. He urged listeners to ‘act now’, desperately trying to convey the importance of his message.

But it is difficult to persuade a nation to take charge and make a change. We have all seen the headlines shouting about record lows of sea ice coverage in 2012, or record highs of temperature last summer in Kuwait at 54oC. We all know that global warming is occurring and that our climate is changing, but we still only commit ourselves to doing the recycling once a week or buying a bag for life. It is hard to change a nation’s attitude to a problem that may not occur in their lifetime. It’s even more difficult when many of us don’t really understand what the problem is. We all start to zone out when ‘sciencey’ facts are strewn across the headlines talking of disastrous events that will wreak havoc on our planet in 100 years’ time. But if we don’t actually understand, then how can we help?

It seems the only solution is to bring the reality of the situation to the present and make the issues a bit more digestable. What we need is a simple, no-nonsense guide to climate change.

The Prince of Wales has done just that – he has teamed up with Ladybird to produce a series of Expert books explaining all there is to know on everything from evolution to climate change. The books are very appealing as they follow the traditional Ladybird style we all know and love – pocket sized books, vintage-style pictures and a friendly tone of voice. The only difference is that these books are aimed at adults.

Prince Charles intended the Expert books to show us that scientists are important and are critical in helping us solve global issues. The series helps translate knowledge from a range of experts, including University professors, physicists, environmentalists and geneticists, into simple English that we can understand. All the key questions are covered – what is happening? Why is that it happening? What can we do to help? It is straightforward and informative and will no doubt make us feel quite clever! You’ll be spurting out facts about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and quantum mechanics in no time (and you all you need to do is read one little book! Who needs a PhD?!).

Who knows, perhaps this series of neat, informative little pocket books will become essential reading for the next wave of budding scientists. Or perhaps they will find their way into the oval office and give the new US president an opportunity to review his opinions on climate change. Who knows…

If you would like to purchase the Climate Change book, you can do so here !


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