Small Steps Every Day

Small Steps Every Day

Recently I’ve realised that doing anything creative is so difficult (and have subsequently developed a new appreciation for all creative geniuses). For me, my burst of creativity was starting this blog; I never knew it would be so challenging. I am constantly critiquing everything I do. I worry that I don’t have a million followers, I do not possess the ability create amazing flatlays and that my home does not look like something out of the Laura Ashley catalogue (if you’re wondering, it’s a lovely homeware store). And apparently, I am not the only one! I frequently see bloggers writing about how they feel stuck in a rut, need to take time out, or are desperately trying to think of new ideas to keep up with the online competition. Like writers block but for bloggers – bloggers block.

But like any creative process, you can’t skip a step. You have to work through them all:

1. This is awesome

2. This is tricky

3. This is terrible

4. I am terrible

5. This might be okay

6. This is awesome

I have also realised that I am my biggest critic. Nobody else analyses your work as much as you do. Spoiler alert – nobody else cares as much as you do (and that’s a good thing)!! Although I only have a small following, it’s been amazing to see total strangers from all over the world actually enjoying what I’m doing. How lovely! An online community of people I’ve never met have suddenly become my support network. It’s you guys (the few that are reading this blog) that give me the confidence and motivation to keep trying, so thanks!

It’s like that famous phrase, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. You can’t rush the creative process of reaching your goals or cheat your way to the top, you have to enjoy the journey it takes to get there.

It’s overwhelming to look at the mountain of work ahead of you and all too easy to forget to look how far you have come. My Dad wrote a similar phrase in a letter to me just before I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (that’s me at the top in the picture! I’m the one sporting the luminous orange coat). There was a point when I got pretty ill and I wanted to pack it in. The summit looked bloody miles away. But then I looked back and realised I was above the cloud line. That felt brilliant, to know I was so high up that I must be nearly there. It gave me that extra boost of motivation to keep climbing.

Sometimes you can’t physically see the finish line and that can be demotivating. But equally, if you gave up now, you’d never know how close you were. You could be giving up right before an amazing opportunity arises. Just 4 months ago I had no idea how to create a website and I almost cried when I heard the terms ‘domain name’ and ‘web host’, but now I have Wildlifestyle! Yes, my following may still be small, but at least I am heading in the right direction.

So I suppose the point of this post is to say thanks for your support and to those that are feeling swamped by the task of reaching their goals, just keep going. Take small steps every day and you’ll be there in no time.



  1. January 20, 2017 / 5:07 pm

    It is a very common feeling amongst creative people that we are alone, facing a mountain of work, but I like to think that we have chosen a very special path. We get so much from our everyday making, writing, walking or just living that we are fulfilled and happy and rich, maybe not in the monetary sense, but rich in experience and positivity. You alone have the power to make yourself happy, don’t wait for others approval to grant you the right. Sorry if all this sounds a bit preachy it is all a bit of a recent discovery to me too. A good friend of mine Greg Dyer mentioned your name so I thought I would look at your site and I am very impressed with what you have to say, you have chosen an amazing journey at an age when I wasn’t aware such paths existed, cheers.
    Tim Ridley

    • isabelkingsford
      January 20, 2017 / 5:47 pm

      Firstly I just want to say thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely comment – it has made my day! Everything you have said is very true, writing and working on my website does make me so happy, I feel lucky to have found something I enjoy so much. Greg Dyer is my uncle! Haha, it’s lovely to hear that people are chatting about my website and I am so glad you liked what I have to say. Thank you!

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