Ethically Engaged – A Brand Dedicated to Making a Change

Ethically Engaged – A Brand Dedicated to Making a Change

I love discovering new companies which create fashionable products in an environmentally and socially conscious way. Shopping with them feels like a little victory for our people and planet. The only issue is finding these brands! I could spend hours trawling through the hashtags of Instagram looking for #whomademyclothes or #ethicalfashion brands. But once I find and follow them, they never appear on my feed again! Lost in a sea of followers and disappearing into darkness on the new Instagram algorithm.

But wait! There is a simple solution.

Ethically Engaged has done all the hard work for you (yipeee!). Their stylish blog and polished Instgram gallery provide an endless list of sustainable and ethical fashion companies that you can trust.

After watching the documentary True Cost Brodie, founder of Ethically Engaged, was inspired to change her consumer choices. The disturbing truth about sweatshop working conditions and workers’ wages changed her opinion of fast fashion. Sweatshops churn out cheap products by the thousands to meet the ‘needs’ of the Western society. But these ‘needs’ are just ‘wants’ and they should not be at the price of another human’s quality of life.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can go back and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson.

Inspired by the words of Maria Robinson, Brodie has begun educating the public about the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry and manufacturing process. By raising awareness of these issues, we have a chance to change the future of our planet and create a new (happier) ending!

Ethically Engaged research and share the stories of inspirational brands who create products which are kind to our people and planet. Just scrolling through their Instagram feed (@ethicallyengaged) I am already feeling inspired and eager to buy all these beautiful products from these amazing brands (all in the name of the environment, of course). For example, Swell water bottles provide for people without water and daily necessities. How many plastic bottles of water do you go through? So many! So why not buy a re-useable one which reduces plastic usage and supports those in need? It’s a no brainer!

“I have changed nearly everything in my life to suit sustainable living, and still am. If everyone changed, step by step this world would be healthier, greener and generally a better place.” – Brodie Banfield, founder of Ethically Engaged.

Ethically Engaged has only just begun but it has big dreams and a determination to help business become more sustainable – in my opinion, they’re one to watch.

Head over to Ethically Engaged’s instagram feed @ethicallyengaged, or website to learn more about sustainable living and to keep up with their latest news – you won’t regret it (even if it is just to look at all the pictures of pretty clothes)!


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