Calling All Travellers, I need your HELP!

Calling All Travellers, I need your HELP!

Well the theme of this blog post is fairly straightforward – people of the internet (or whoever may be reading this) I need your help!

Next month I am doing the trip I have been dreaming of for years.

I am travelling to Africa to work with a wonderful charity in Malawi, then I’m heading over to the Greater Makalali Game Reserve near Cape Town to tag along with a scientific research project. At university I studied Biology, so living on a game reserve is the dream for me – I’m hoping that I will transform into Joy Adams from Born Free and be accepted into the community of wild animals (possibly a little farfetched, but here’s hoping). After all that, I am spending my last few weeks mooching around Cape Town and living the traveller dream.

I am beyond excited but starting to feel a little un-prepared. I am going for 2 months and I have absolutely no idea what to pack! Because I am moving between rural Malawi and a game reserve in Cape Town, the climate and my daily routine will change a lot. Although I have been to Africa briefly before, I was only there to climb Mount Kilimanjaro so my kit list was fairly straightforward – pack stuff which will help you climb a mountain. This time around, I have no idea.

Pack light but risk not having the correct kit? Or pack everything and haul a heavy bag around Africa for 2 months?

Naturally, in my packing dilemma I took to Google. I found some fairly useful kit lists, but I want to know what I will really need. So travellers of the world, I am asking you directly!

Have you travelled around rural Africa or South Africa before? What did you find useful? What was that one item you couldn’t live without?

Also, if you have any suggestions of where I must visit during my time in Malawi or Cape Town, please let me know! Table Mountain has made it onto the list, so that’s a start…

All and any suggestions are welcome, just pop them in the comment section below – thank you!!!


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