Wild Lives: Making Business Sustainable

Wild Lives: Making Business Sustainable

Jo Foo writes for the Wild Lives series

I’ve been running my own business for a few years now. It’s not quite fully functioning yet, thanks to a variety of factors but I keep finding new ways to evolve and keep it fresh.

We’ve recently (less than a fortnight ago!) moved to Frankfurt, Germany and last month I decided that with this big change ahead of us, it was the perfect time to take a step back and rebrand my business.

My work-life has always been varied but I’ve always been drawn to businesses that change perceptions and make a difference.

Recently, this has been lost slightly in my photography and education work as I’ve struggled to juggle everything that life has thrown at us in the past few months.  So naturally, it was time for a step back and use this opportunity to regroup and redirect my focus.

And I’d be lying if I didn’t say that my Wild Lives counterpart Isabel wasn’t part of the inspiration for me making some changes. If you’ve not checked out Isabel’s blog you really should. Not only will you find a load of amazing like-minded Instagrammers to follow in her Weekend Inspiration, you’ll also find wonderful resources for living a more sustainable life.  I’ve been addicted to reading these ever since I first stumbled across her website last October.

And it got me thinking…

My businesses Jo Foo Wildlife PhotographyWildlifebyJo and Mei Photography could all be doing more to have a positive impact on the environment. As you might expect, at least from the names of the first two, they are all mission driven. WildlifebyJo and Jo Foo Wildlife Photography are about connecting people with nature through education and imagery. Mei Photography is where I make a living and supports my other work but also has a social mission to challenge perceptions of beauty in my Real Beauty projects.

However, there’s a lot more I can be doing to make a difference in this world where destroying our planet and ourselves has become second nature.

So in my mission to rebrand, inspired by people like Isabel, I’m looking for your help to find sustainable resources for photography including the following:

  • Sustainable photographic printers (paper, ink, canvas, frames, books etc)
  • Bamboo Travel Mug printers
  • Other sustainable/ reusable gift ideas for my wildlife images to be printed on (all suggestions welcome here!)
  • Companies with a reduced carbon footprint, or better still neutral carbon footprint
  • Sustainable/recycled packaging and marketing materials

I’d also like to support charitable organisations with sales of my work. At the moment I’m contacting a few to find ways to work together. Suggestions are very welcome!

If you know of anyone or better still, ARE SOMEONE who can help me out I’d really like to hear from you. Please get in touch by commenting or emailing me(wildlifebyjo@gmail.com).

Can’t wait to get this side of my business up and running! x


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